A fresh perspective on job vs. career

I found these comments and accompanying video fascinating! What is your “job?” Step back and take a closer look. This is from Fred Kofman, Ph.D. on LinkedIn:

Is your job your career?


Communication 101 – it’s all about the audience

Through years of teaching and advising managers on effective communication strategies and techniques, one of the things I’ve noticed consistently has been the lack of awareness of audience/s. A speaker (or writer) wants to “communicate” something to achieve a desired result – for instance, they’re trying to persuade listeners to donate money to a cause.

However, the speaker seems to have little regard for the audience. Who are they? Why are they there? 

It’s not enough for a communicator to have a strong desire to posit his/her point of view without thinking about the audience. So often we are “me-focused” when it comes to communication. Do this or that – because it’s what I think, or believe, and that should be enough to persuade you.

Remember, your listeners are saying “What’s in it for me” to themselves as you give your presentation or make your case in writing. 

I’ll blog more in the next few days (watch for Communication 101 – part 2) with recommendations on how to connect to your audience.